Love Your Earth TM   

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Love Your Earth TM
Grocery Totes
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Number of plastic bags NOT going to the landfill each year
because of YOU:

Let's canvas together to make a difference!
Please:  Say "NO" to plastic!
Mission:  To make the earth a better place for our children, generations to come, and the sea turtles. 

Thank you for visiting this Earth conscious site.  Spread the love of Mother Earth by purchasing canvas totes instead of using plastic bags.  Send them to three Earth loving people like yourself who want to keep this planet a beautiful place for their child(ren) and generations to come. 

Help make this grassroots project succeed.  Encourage them to keep the chain going! 
After completing your order, sign your name up in the
Guestbook to let the world see that you are making a difference.  This helps keep track of Earth consious people like you!  Thank you so much. 
In addition to protecting the earth, by purchasing these
ORGANIC  made in the USA  (sweat shoppe free)  totes, you are helping to employ inner city youth from Denver.  The totes are screen printed by at-risk teens from AND 1% of the  proceeds goes to Sea Turtle Restoration Project through 1% for the Planet.  Wow, you can't beat that.  The earth will thank you, the sea turtles will thank you, and most importantly, your children will thank you! 
Way to go to all the tote users in the world!


"Many Native Americans believe that years ago everything was covered by water and the world came to be formed on the back of a turtleThey called the world 'great turtle.' 
When you honor the turtle you are treating the earth with respect.  When you do not take care of the earth you are hurting the turtleThe turtle represents earth and nature."

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