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     So it all started because I have a dream to be on the Today Show.  Mostly to meet the ultra adorable Matt Lauer.  Tell me you saw the yummy pictures of him in his surf shorts?  Now even though I have a "crush" on him, I love my husband with all my heart.  It's truly just an innocent crush.  (Sometimes I feel like Ed Grimley waiting to meet Pat Sajak.) 
     Anyway, I saw a piece about the annoyance of plastic bags.  It focused mostly on the harm plastic bags do to our ocean and the lovely ocean creatures.  The show went on to say that it costs 1 cent to make the darn thing but 17 cents to rid of it.  The bags get caught in trees, they reek havoc at the recycling plants.  Most disturbing though, sea turtles and other sea creatures eat the bags mistaking them for jelly fish.  The plastic bags then get caught in their intestines.  Oh those poor souls!   

     That's when the mother in me started to think...What can I do to help alleviate this problem?  Hmmm...

     I know I'm a user of those nasty little bags.  Who doesn't have 12 dozen around the house?  (That's gross!)  Now I'm not on a mission to eliminate each and every one of them from the planet all together.  Although that would be splendid.  I would
love to say that's my ultimate goal  (but remember the Today Show).  However, I too use them as waste paper basket liners.  They're great for dog waste  (although all together backwards).  In a perfect world, they wouldn't exist.  My goal is to to decrease the rampant use of them.  Why can't you re-use the nasties a few times?  Bring them back to the grocery store?  Or better yet, invest in canvas totes.  Aah, that's where I come in.  
     I have an idea.  How about we take a stand and use totes at the grocery store to set examples?  Maybe you have old totes around the house you forgot about?  Maybe you go to your local thirft store and pick some up?  Now they may say  "Sports Illustrated" on them or some random bank name, but who really
cares.  Or maybe you help inner city Denver kids from by putting them to work screen printing your tote bag.  Ooh, I like that option a lot!  Purchasing totes here does just AND 10% of net proceeds goes to charityIf that's not enough, they're made in the good ol' USA  of grade A ORGANIC cotton, sweat shoppe free. 

     With LoveYourEarth totes  you're helping the community, the USA and the planet!  Holy cow, you can't beat that!

     Now we can't all be Mother Theresa, but this may be one way we can help protect Mother Earth.  Pay It 4ward and spread the love onto 3 planet loving people.  Please keep the chain going.  Send 3 earth loving people a tote.  Once you have done so, sign the GuestbookThis lets the world see that you love this earth for yourself, your child(ren), and the sea turtles.  I promise you'll feel good about what you're doing.  And by the way, you don't have to be a Mother to use tote bags.  "Love Your Earth" totes are for everyone.  Thank you so much.  The sea turtles thank you as well!  

Days until I get to meet Matt Lauer: 

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